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July 05 2017



ah yes. today, july 4th, the birthday of

koko the gorilla!

(koko’s full name was actually hanabiko, which means “fireworks child”, which is a reference to her birthday: the fourth of july!)

koko is a gorilla who knows a modified form of american sign language (and can understand spoken english as well) and uses it to communicate with her teacher and caregiver, francine “penny” patterson, and in 1984 she asked for a cat for her birthday! she was allowed to choose a kitten from an abandoned litter — she chose a tiny gray manx kitty and named him all ball. he was taken to see her in the evenings, and then later he would visit on his own. she treated him like the other gorillas treated their babies, and tolerated his biting without any aggression. here’s her and her beloved ball:

later all ball escaped from the zoo and got run over by a car, sadly. koko was very sad about it, but later in 1985 she got two new manx kittens, lipstick and smoky! here’s her playing with lipstick:

and here’s her with smoky!

in 2015 for her birthday, koko picked out two more kittens and named them miss black and miss grey!

koko turns 46 today! she also understands object displacement, has passed the mirror test, has relayed personal memories, can talk about language, has used language deceptively, has used false statements humorously, and has invented new signs to talk about things she doesn’t know the sign for (for example she didn’t know the sign for ring, but combined the signs for “finger” and “bracelet” to convey the same meaning)! these are all things that show a more developed degree of understanding than is usually associated with primates that aren’t humans.



a few fun octopus facts:

  • their arms are similar to our tongues in that their muscle fibers are  oriented in three different directions 
  • octopuses are disconcertingly strong (anecdotal evidence says that a 15 inch wide octopus was as strong as the scientist handling it)
  • on that note that same scientist said that when her octopuses escaped she would have to run behind them, “like cats” (paraphrased from sy montgomery’s the soul of an octopus)
  • aquariums have “octopus enriching programs” so they don’t get bored and fuck shit up in their tanks
  • they are crazy smart like. really. really fucking smart 
  • but we can’t compare their intelligence to ours because our evolution branched from the same common ancestor so long ago we cannot comprehend how they think
  • it’s believed that their intelligence evolved when they lost their shell, and had to adapt to predict how countless of different prey and predators would act, how to avoid them, distract them, lure them or trick them 
  • they visualize how other creatures are going to act, which means they have have awareness that others are individuals which is a type of consciousness but i can’t remember what it’s called right now 
  • like, they use tools 
  • they have distinct personalities 
  • aquarium octopuses are socialized from a very young age and even though in the wild they are solitary creatures they become extremely friendly with enough human exposure
  • sometimes they dislike people for no apparent reason and will shoot water at them
  • they have three hearts 
  • each of their arms has a tiny brain that controls movement and sensory input on its own i shit you not
  • they are color blind and yet they can camouflage their color and nobody knows how 
  • they can change the color and texture of their skin faster than human eyes can keep up with it
  • great pacific octopuses are white when they are peaceful, and red when they’re excited 
  • aquarium octopus have escaped their tanks and slithered down pipes into the ocean 
  • escaped their tanks to eat the fish in other tanks 
  • escaped their tanks to go fight other octopuses cuz they were bored
  • octopus fight club
  • learned how to take photographs
  • cost thousands of dollars by flooding new floors
  • they can feel, taste, and smell with their suckers and all of their skin
  • they enjoy tasting their food by slowly moving it through their suckers instead of shoving it in their beaks
  • they can rewrite their rna. no, really
  • the only reason why they haven’t evolved to take over as the next dominant race is because they’re doing pretty well  in the ocean so there’s no need for them to adapt further 
  • there’s a ton more but i’m so overwhelmed by love i can’ think of any at the moment i’m going to cry
  • read the soul of an octopus by sy mongomery no she didn’t pay me i just love octopuses so much 
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July 04 2017

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Listening to Africa at 3 A.M.


the peak of online communication is having different convos with the same person in different chats all at the same time

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if you know what i mean when i say there are “angry walking sounds” in the house, would you smash that reblog button, please?

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Sea bunny friends! 🐰🐌

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sun and moon



Winnie the Pooh is a fat icon tbh

reminder that Winnie the Pooh wore a crop top and ate his fave food and loved himself and u can too

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Hello, 911? Yes I’d like to report a murder

Today We Eat At Gamestop

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id literally rather die than click on this

In two weeks J. K. Rowling is going to confirm this and it’s going to be the catalyst that causes Cassandra Clare to snap and rob a liquor store

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This is what 4th of July is really about. When Gaga and Beyonce posioned all those people in that restaurant for our freedom to dance. Let us never forget.

our founding fathers died for this


Remember to leave out milk and cookies for Captain America tonight when he comes to leave presents under your flag.

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July 03 2017




I feel like I should make a post about this because it’s not something that’s very well-known, and that Americans in particular may need to know about given the uncertain state of our healthcare system at the moment. I’ve wanted to write this out for a while, It’s kind of a long post, so sorry about that!

If you have an emergency and have to go to the hospital, you’ll owe the hospital a lot of money.
(I got into a car wreck and broke my ankle and my arm. My hospital bill was around $20,000)

You’ll also owe the ambulance provider, if you need one.
(My ambulance bill was about $800)

You may get separate bills from the anesthesiologist or surgeon.
(My anesthesiologist bill was $1,700)

You may need follow-up appointments.
(My orthopedic surgeon billed me for the appointments and his surgery together and it was about $1,000)

You’ve also got to pay for medical equipment you need afterward, like crutches or a walking boot.
(Mine cost about $75)

Altogether, I ended up with almost $24,000 in medical debt from one car accident. That’s a really scary number for someone like me who makes $10/hr at a 12 hour a week job.

I got my debt down to $1075 by making some phone calls and submitting some paperwork.

The first thing I did was contact the hospital. They don’t make it easy to find, but many hospitals (perhaps most hospitals?) have financial assistance programs for people who can’t afford medical bills. I don’t make a lot of money, and I have bills to pay, so they were able to help me.
I called the billing department and asked if they had any assistance programs for low income people who can’t pay their bills. I had to call multiple times, and I got transferred in circles by people who didn’t know what I was talking about. Finally, I got an appointment with someone in “Eligibility Services” (I don’t know what other hospitals call it, if it’s something different). I had to bring my pay stubs and copies of all of my bills. When I got to the hospital for the appointment, nobody knew what I was talking about so I had to wander a little to find where I needed to go. I spoke with the guy in Eligibility Services, and I waited for a decision on how much of the bill they would forgive. A month later, I got a call telling me it was totally forgiven.

I did the same thing for my ambulance bill and my anesthesiologist, but the process was a LOT easier. I just had to mail some paperwork and it was totally forgiven.

I didn’t bother with the medical equipment suppliers, since the bills came from separate companies and I didn’t feel like going through the process twice for $75. I was assured at the hospital that they had similar programs for debt forgiveness, so I could have probably avoided paying that too.

The only thing I couldn’t get taken care of was the surgeon/follow-up appointment cost, but they were able to put me on a no-interest payment plan.

Medical debt is scary because it’s something that can come from stuff that’s already really scary. I didn’t need the burden of $24,000 in debt on top of trying to get around on a crutch with a broken arm (it’s not easy, believe me!).. but I can’t imagine what it would be like with a bigger debt or a more severe medical emergency.
I see lots of people in even worse trouble than I was in, both financially and medically. Please know that there are options for you when that GoFundMe doesn’t do enough. Even if your income is higher than mine, it’s worth a shot even for partial debt forgiveness.

I am about 900% sure there are people who don`the know this. 

Also, and this is really important, a lot of car insurance actually will cover medical bills. It depends on the insurance and who’s at fault, but plenty of states require the type of insurance that would cover this. I know someone who worked as an advocate and explained to individuals just what they were entitled to.



have u ever met someone so terrible that it makes u a better person like u learn from mistakes that you haven’t even made purely from observing them, thank you for being so obnoxiously terrible, please don’t ever interact with me again

update: i’m no longer plagued by the presence of the person i wrote this about nine months ago, reblog this now and you too can banish your unloved ones within nine months 

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summer mood

shaggy wearing a knee length flowery dress…..Fred completely naked hiding his junk w a surfboard…..power playing the ghosts





the smell of Home Depot is cathartic

fairies live in the lights & chandeliers section, gnomes live in the outdoor gardening department

Stop romanticizing home depot

pixies live in the paint aisle. fuck you

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