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June 15 2017

a friend

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Little girl thinks bride is the Princess from her favourite book (Source: http://ift.tt/2s0fF7z)

Beautiful story!

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With this spellbinding project, insanely talented artist @littlechmura​ wanted to create a self-contained moment for each of these beloved Harry Potter characters—a single scene that gives a glimpse into their own magical worlds. She’s calling the series “One Breath Each”, and we’re calling it GORGEOUS AF.

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things i hate about straight culture


- 30, flirty and fun ;)
- night out with the girlies !!
- making hating your spouse a cultural norm
- i love the gays :)) gay bars are sO fun
- im not homophobic, i have one (1) gay friend
- so do your parents accept u
- tell us your coming out story!!!!
- ‘not that there’s anything wrong with that’
- ur so brave xx
- being mistakenly perceived as gay is the worst possible insult
- ‘girl on girl/guy on guy action’
- wine moms
- idk i thought 50 shades of grey was good :)
- ‘i’m not gay, but…’
- missionary position
- *two babies sitting next to each other* aww they’re in love!!! i can hear the wedding bells!!!!
- murdering ppl for being lgbt

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Julie Andrews at the original My Fair Lady recording session, 1956

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See the source for the whole comic, it’s brilliant.

I’m sorry, there’s a WORD FOR THIS?!?!?! , mental load, holy shit

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as a werewolf, this is almost as bad as asking about a humans genitals, what the fuck

+Mod Wolf

this is the wildest addition to this mistake of a text post


No, but seriously, do you know how amazing Vincent Price is?


Not just as an actor, although he was a blast to watch in everything he did.  He’s one of those actors who’s just clearly having a whale of a time, no matter how bad the film is.  He’s just genuinely happy to be there (it makes his villains a particular delight, and he played a LOT of them).


But did you know that he was also on the PFLAG board after his daughter came out to him?  And that he was one of the earliest celebrities to speak out against the silence surrounding the AIDS epidemic?


Did you know that when his daughter came out to him, he admitted to her that it had been difficult for him during his first two marriages, because his wives had not been pleased to find out that their husband was just as interested in men as they were?


That’s right, kids, Vincent Price was BISEXUAL AS FUCK, and it was one of those open Hollywood secrets.  And his wife Coral Browne?  The one he grew old with and wrote cookbooks with and was basically ridiculously sweet with?

image image

Also bisexual as fuck.  They were the queer power couple of Hollywood in the 70s.  His daughter, Victoria, grew up around Rock Hudson and members of the LGBT community.  When she came out, Vincent Price became a board member of PFLAG and was just about the most accepting and awesome dad.


Did you know that Vincent Price played Oscar Wilde in a one-man play, and when it was denounced by anti-gay activist Anita Bryant, he dismissed her right back, saying that Oscar Wilde had already come up with a term for her: a Woman of No Importance?  Because Vincent Price was deliciously witty and an awesome person.


Let me conclude with a quote from his daughter (from this article, where I got a lot of this information):

‘“In a funny way, and I think I’m going to cry, he understood me at 22 better than I understood myself then,” Price concluded. “Of course, he was in his 70s and lived a hell of a lot longer than I had, and he understood that at the end of the day it’s about who and what and how we love. And I have not been a person who has been very successful at conventional relationships, but loving well and loving deeply has been the most important thing to me.”’

image image

Happy birthday, Vincent Price.  You were a gem of an actor, and an even greater human being.


please do yourself a favor and date the biggest fckn nerd u can get ur hands on

June 14 2017




crazy to think gamers were once humans, like us

no they werent

Fool. To deny their former humanity is to deny the fact that, within each of us, the seed of a gamer exists, the potential to overwhelm us and make us into horrors. To deny this is to welcome that seed’s germination, its growth, until one day you find yourself with a 360 controller in one hand, a bag of Doritos in the other, and a bottle of Dew between your teeth, all because of your foolish pride.

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society depicts hell as the hot underworld from Dante’s Inferno, but I think we’ve all encountered some variation of Satan’s influence and it fucking looks like this:

tag urself im Harry Potter/Marcus Flint/Harry Potter



if u could genetically modify distinctly non-human things to urself what would u want

holds mic out

three kinds a ppl in this reply bin

1: I want to be mostly human looking but with COOL TEETH

2: I’m a furry

3: I want to completely ditch this humanoid body plan to be a flying nocturnal salamander squid

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I’m a horrible person… I’m sorry…

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